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A book sold after 27 years on the shelf and the replies will make you cry

This is basically the starting point for a Pixar film.

A single tweet about a book that took 27 years to sell prompted one of the most wholesome Twitter conversations of all time.

Broadhursts Bookshop, an indie bookshop in Southport, kicked things off with the following post, explaining that a book that had been in stock since May 1991 had finally sold.

The book was a children’s biography of William the Conqueror which sold for 99 pence, as was its original price nearly 30 years ago.

The original tweet was heartwarming enough – a tale of a book that finally found a home – and it clearly struck a chord with others too.

Others came forward with other books that had struggled to sell, one of which was the beautifully titled The Larger Moths of Warwickshire, which somehow spent a decade on the shelf.

The situation was clearly a familiar one for many, so much so that one Twitter user penned a rather beautiful paragraph in tribute to the books that struggle to get our attention.

Is it dusty in here? *sniffles*

Perhaps the next time you step inside a book shop, these tweets might make you think differently about the lucky tome you’re about to take home.

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