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A bus ruined the perfect video of this stadium demolition by parking right in front of the camera

A very unlucky cameraman.


Georgia Dome Implosion

Georgia Dome Implosion

Georgia Dome Implosion

A live broadcast of a building implosion being interrupted by a bus is making the internet chuckle.

The Georgia Dome stadium was demolished on Monday afternoon in Atlanta, Georgia and The Weather Channel had set up a camera to capture the moment in all its dusty glory.

Unfortunately a city bus driver had other ideas, stopping directly in front of the 80,000-seat stadium to watch the show, thereby blocking the view of The Weather Channel’s live feed.

The cameraman can be heard swearing at the bus, exclaiming “get out of the way, bus!” as the crowd blessed with full sight of the demolition cheers. By the time the bus departs, all that is left is a dust cloud, and a very unhappy cameraman.

The famous stadium has hosted two Superbowls and the 1996 Olympics and was, until Monday, home to the Atlanta Falcons.

It has been replaced by the Mercedes-Benz stadium, which opened in August.

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