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A chicken and a monkey appear to have struck up a cartoon-like friendship at a zoo

Are there any sitcom writers looking for a fresh new show?

For a while in the popular sitcom Friends, Joey and Chandler owned a chick and a duck, neither of which got the chance to meet Ross’s former pet, Marcel the monkey.

If ever you wanted to know how that theoretical narrative might have gone however, wonder no more – a four-year-old crested black macaque and a chicken have become pals, it seems, at a zoo in Israel.

Apparently the chicken wandered into the monkey’s enclosure at Israel Safari Zoo, and since then Niv, the macaque, has been enjoying its company.

The pair can be seen walking about together, generally having a nice time – Niv occasionally cradles the chicken, as well as grooming it, while zoo officials say the pair are inseparable.

A monkey and a chicken who appear to have become friends at a zoo in Israel

So there you have it – Friends: The one where the chicken and the monkey hang out at the zoo.

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