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A dog has been helping a man shop and it’s broken the internet

The hard working doggo has got a few other owners feeling a little jealous…


A dog pushing a shopping cart

A dog pushing a shopping cart

A dog pushing a shopping cart

Yes, you read that headline right – a dog has been spotted helping out with the shopping in a store in the US.

Prepare yourself.

Yes – that’s actually happening.

And just in case you don’t think it’s legit, there were more witnesses posting videos of the pooch.

Naturally Twitter user @ashleen_’s original post has received retweets and likes by the hundreds of thousands – and the reaction to the puzzling sight is generally one of shock.

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Understandably, it also seemed some were a little jealous of the owner’s helpful, chore-doing dog.

Such was their envy they even started posting pictures of their lazier mutts – although none of them should be faulted for cuteness.

Keep the doggos coming internet – you’re nailing what you do best right now.

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