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A guy dressed like Milhouse from The Simpsons at an NBA game and Halloween has peaked

Will anyone have a better costume than this, and will they wear it so nonchalantly?

A Simpsons fan has pretty much won Halloween before the day has even come around.

Cameras at the Milwaukee Bucks v Boston Celtics game picked up a completely yellow human, in red glasses and with blue hair, nonchalantly reading a Radioactive Man comic during a break in the game.

This is commitment.

The fan, who cameras picked up standing and applauding after a Bucks basket, sat contentedly reading the March 1994 issue of Radioactive Man – which features legit short stories and can actually be bought. No word on if he got it from Comic Book Guy though.

This guy has committed so much to his role that he pretty much is Milhouse now, that paint is never coming off.

But with the Bucks losing 89 to 96, it certainly wasn’t all coming up Milhouse.

Worst basketball game ever.

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