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A hilariously angry meme has taken over the internet and social media users are obsessed

The American Chopper meme has been around since 2011 but is currently enjoying a surge in popularity.

It seems every week another meme takes over to keep everyone laughing. Currently, an amazingly angry one has everyone obsessed.

The meme is based on images from reality television show American Chopper, about a family business that manufactures custom motorcycles.

The scene shows Paul Teutul Sr. and his adult son having an extremely sweary argument about Paul Jr.’s timekeeping. The intense argument has led to some outstanding screenshots.

Versions of this meme have been around on the internet since 2011, however the show American Chopper has been revived for 2018, which may account for its boom in popularity.

Here are some of the best new versions of the hilariously angry meme.

1. This oddly specific architectural version.

2. The meme received a Harry Potter make-over…

3. And then a Lord Of The Rings spin.

4. This unbelievably relatable spin.

5. Someone attacked the meme using the meme itself.

6. This version is for fans of Garfield.

7. Finally, a strangely aggressive yet kind conversation.

This may just be the funniest meme of 2018 so far.

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