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A swarm of bees settled on a hot dog stand in New York

Turns out the NYPD has beekeepers on staff for just such an occasion.


Times Square is normally swarming with tourists, but some pesky bees added a bit of a buzz about the landmark when they made a temporary home on top of a hot dog stand.

The insects settled atop the vendor’s awning at 43rd Street and Broadway on Tuesday afternoon and stayed there for around an hour before the NYPD sent specialist beekeepers to deal with the issue.

The swarm drew varied reactions from tourists, with some crowding round to get a better look while others quickly vacated the area.

Bee swarms are common enough in New York for the city’s police force to have trained beekeepers on staff.

Officer Darren Mays, one of the force’s two beekeepers, said the swarm happened because the hot and humid weather made the hive overcrowded.

Officer Michael Lauriano dealt with the problem using a Bee Vac – a vacuum cleaner-style machine specially designed for dealing with bee swarms.

They were taken to an apiary on Long Island.

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