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A wildlife charity is using old bras to help save injured turtles

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue has been overwhelmed with donations since posting about it on social media.





A wildlife charity has had an “overwhelming” response after asking for donations of old bras to help save turtles.

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue (CWR) posted on Facebook last week about the trick it employs which involves using the clasps from discarded bras to help repair the shells of injured turtles.

The clasps are used, after gluing a cracked shell back together, to hold it in place along with some wire to help with the healing process.

And the charity, based in Indian Trail, North Carolina, has been inundated with people keen to donate.

“The bras are starting to pour in,” Keenan Freitas of CWR told Today, adding: “We’ve gotten an insane response.”

The charity can deal with dozens of injured turtles a week at this time of year, most of which have been hit by cars.

And while they are pleased to accept the donations of bra clasps, they were keen to point out that many other supplies are needed to help in their operation – while the most useful thing people can donate is money.

In a Facebook post, the charity wrote: “We are grateful for the publicity because our turtle programme hasn’t really ever had any donations. If nothing else its bringing people to learn about our work and that’s what matters.

“The most needed item is donations so that we can buy the medications and food for the turtles.”