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A writer added subtitles to pigeons and it’s the best thing online right now

Creator Nathan Pyle explains why pigeons are the perfect medium for storytelling.


(@nathanwpyle/Twitter and Instagram)

(@nathanwpyle/Twitter and Instagram)

(@nathanwpyle/Twitter and Instagram)

While many of us watch pigeons due to their potential aerial excrement hazard, for the brilliant mind of Nathan Pyle they play the role of actors in rib-tickling comedies of his making.

The writer has been filming the birds near his home in New York and adding captions and emojis to give their daily lives new meaning and drama.

Nathan decided to start filming pigeons after moving from the Ohio suburbs where he grew up.

“The birds there were too skittish to see up close as often,” Nathan told the Press Association.

“But when I moved to New York, I was immediately charmed by the pigeons walking around – crossing the street in the crosswalks like tiny law-abiding citizens!”

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Nathan released the book NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette, a New York Times bestseller in 2014, but it seems his expert knowledge of the city even extends to its winged occupants.

But what makes pigeons such excellent film stars?

“Pigeons walk around NYC like they own the place and they are very unafraid of humans and very dramatic,” he said.

“On the technical side, the Instagram Stories pinning feature latches onto slow-moving objects extremely well and pigeons happen to walk at the perfect speed for this!”

Nathan says the video he is most proud of involves the tragic loss of a piece of bread – not least for the attitude displayed by the pigeons.

“There’s a brief moment when Frank tries to eat some bread and drops it through the subway grate,” said Nathan. “And just as he does, the pigeons around him all lower their heads at the same time in an ‘aw shucks, oh well’ way that makes me so happy.”

The pigeons are also seen interacting with other species, including some fascinating encounters with sparrows – and some more bread of course.

Nathan’s captions add entertainment to scenes that otherwise had little meaning and he assures we can expect more of the same in the future.

“I frequently post new stories to my Instagram and Twitter,” said Nathan.

“Lisa (a squirrel) giving herself a pep talk in the shower is a good example of the kind of motivational moments I get to witness here in NYC.”

You can do it Lisa.

If you’d like to see more from Nathan, check out his pages on Twitter and Instagram.

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