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‘Adorable and perfect’ red panda cub born at zoo

The youngster was born at Milwaukee County Zoo in America.

(Milwaukee County Zoo)
(Milwaukee County Zoo)

A red panda cub born at an American zoo has been described as “adorable and perfect”.

Milwaukee County Zoo on Wednesday released footage of the youngster, which was born last month.'s... a... Red Panda! Born on June 7 to Dr. Erin. Both mom and cub are doing great! Cub weighed in at 160g...

Posted by Milwaukee County Zoo on Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The baby, born on June 7, has not yet been named – and the zoo has promised to reveal its gender on Thursday.

The zoo said in a Facebook post: “Zookeepers say the cub is doing a lot of sleeping and eating. AND is adorable and perfect!”

(Milwaukee County Zoo)

Red pandas are native to China, Bhutan and Nepal, with more than 50% of their habitat in the Eastern Himalayas.

They are listed as endangered thanks to depletion of nesting trees and bamboo, with fewer than 10,000 left in the wild.



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