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Adorable video proves rock hyraxes are the best animal you’ve never heard of

London Zoo posted a video of its rock hyraxes eating dinner and you’re guaranteed to fall in love.

(Marcel Brekelmans/Getty Images)
(Marcel Brekelmans/Getty Images)

Have you ever heard of an animal called the rock hyrax? Well, they’re about to become a firm favourite.

ZSL London Zoo introduced visitors to the furry creatures with an adorable dinner-time clip of three rock hyraxes.

Posting the video to Facebook, London Zoo said: “Rock hyraxes have big relatives – they’re closely related to elephants and manatees! It’s hard to imagine isn’t it!”

Dinner time 🌿 Rock hyraxes have big relatives - they're closely related to elephants and manatees! It's hard to imagine isn't it!

Posted by ZSL London Zoo on Thursday, July 5, 2018

The adorable clip now has over 6,000 views.

Native to parts of Africa and the Middle East, the creature is also nicknamed the rock badger or rock rabbit.

Strangely, although the mammals are small and furry, the closest living relative to rock hyraxes are modern-day elephants.



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