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Aldi shopper finds cheeky frog hidden in her lettuce

The little amphibian spent some hours in the fridge before being discovered.


A shopper has been refunded 36 pence by the supermarket Aldi after she found a frog in her lettuce.

Shevaughan Tolputt, 37, found the little critter hidden in the freshly bought vegetable hours after she had popped it in the fridge.

The frog had been carried along within the lettuce from an Aldi supermarket in Redruth, Cornwall, before Shevaughan put them away at lunchtime.

“Around 5pm I started prepping dinner, removed our leaves of lettuce to wash and noticed something moving… that’s when I spotted him,” she told the Press Association.

“After we took the short video (mainly for Aldi’s purpose than for it to go viral) we popped him in a little Tupperware tub and walked him a few hundred yards away where there is some grass and a stream.”

Shevaughan is a vegan but said that didn’t affect her reaction to finding the nomadic amphibian and she’s got a positive attitude about it all.

“You could get a frog in your lettuce anywhere and at least it shows the lettuce was good quality if a frog set up home there,” said Shevaughan.

“As for the future, it doesn’t really put me off buying lettuce again, I always check it anyway… although not sure I’ll eat the rest of this lettuce!”

Aldi offered an apology and a full refund to Shevaughan and said: “This type of incident, while incredibly rare, can naturally occur with fresh produce.”

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