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All the reaction to Ukip’s new logo as the Premier League seeks legal advice

Ukip’s famous pound sign has been replaced with a lion – which some think looks a bit too familiar.

Ukip has a new logo, but its design has drawn comparisons with that of the Premier League – even leading the footballing body to seek legal advice.

A party spokesman insisted the design, which features a purple lion on a white background like the Premier League’s, “is not a rip-off” and stressed that Ukip had “checked” that it does not infringe copyright, declaring: “We’re not that stupid.”

The Ukip logo on a rosette

Despite the assertion, the Premier League’s legal team is understood to be looking at the image.

Ukip chairman Paul Oakden told BBC Two’s Daily Politics: “I’m not worried. For a start, I don’t mind Ukip being associated with the Premier League.

“If they (the Premier League) feel they have a right to take legal action I’m sure they’ll consult with their lawyers.”

The logo has already sparked a war of words between Ukip and Gary Lineker – who was quick to react when seeing the design.

“Gary Lineker is a very well-known, somewhat sanctimonious, extremely well-paid TV celebrity who has their own opinions,” said a Ukip spokesman.

To which Lineker cheekily replied…

Not all of the reaction to Ukip’s new logo has been regarding the Premier League link however.

Some believed there was a message etched in the lion’s face.

Meanwhile, others decided they could have some fun with its design.

Although, some of these remakes were a little childish.

And finally, some were lamenting Ukip’s former pound sign logo.

Farewell pound sign…

Ukip's former logo with pound sign


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