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American farm show unveils 500kg butter sculpture

Once taken off display, the butter will be converted into renewable energy.

The sculpture in full (Pennsylvania Farm Show/Facebook)
The sculpture in full (Pennsylvania Farm Show/Facebook)

A US farm show has unveiled a detailed 500kg sculpture made entirely from butter.

The half-tonne dairy delight was revealed at the 103rd annual Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg, where a butter sculpture has been made every year since 1991.

(Pennsylvania Farm Show/Facebook)

It is housed in a refrigerated case so that it won’t melt or spoil during its week-long display.

Once the show is over, the butter will be taken to a Pennsylvania farm where a methane digester will convert it into renewable energy.

The artwork was carved by Jim Victor and his wife Marie Pelton, who have been the show’s designated butter artists for the past 15 years and started work on the piece in December.

(Pennsylvania Farm Show/Facebook)

This year’s design features five individuals, an athlete, a soldier, a doctor, a firefighter and a dairy farmer, each wearing superhero capes and stood around a central table.

Sponsored by the American Dairy Association North East, the design is meant to inspire Pennsylvanians to support the state’s dairy industry.

(Pennsylvania Farm Show/Facebook)

“People love the butter sculpture at the show,” Emily Demsey, the show’s digital director, told the Press Association.

“It’s a staple of the annual event that people look forward to each year.

“We’ve never had a repeat design and always have a meaningful theme and message behind the design.”

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