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An emu called Farage has been spotted roaming the snowy streets of Essex

An emusing tale.

An emu called Farage has been spotted roaming the streets of Essex, after he escaped from his enclosure.

The emu’s frolic in the snow in Tollesbury was eventually halted after he was chased around the town’s churchyard by three men, near to his home, with one of the men grappling Farage in a headlock.

“Some kind of argument broke out about how it managed to get out. An older lady was there who was the owner,” Matthew Devonport, a “flabbergasted” witness, told Essex Live. “One of the men managed to get it in a headlock by its neck and he was taken back home.

“It left a trail of feathers all around the churchyard! The lady was very grateful and shook the men’s hands.”

Farage is owned privately at a home near the town’s church, where he was safely returned.

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