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#AndThatsHowIGotThisScar had people discussing scar origins both factual and fictional

Prepare to wince.


A shocked man looking at a laptop

A shocked man looking at a laptop

A shocked man looking at a laptop

When people start sharing their scar stories on Twitter you know there’s going to be wincing, but when #AndThatsHowIGotThisScar started trending, occasionally there were some laughs too.

Some were just downright painful, as you would expect them to be.

Meanwhile, others would have struck a chord with people all over the world.

Just standing on a Lego piece can be devastatingly painful.

And sometimes the things we love the most can cause us the most pain.

Not every post was based in reality however.

The world of film was referenced quite widely actually. Ouch, this had to have hurt…

A round of applause for the Lion King jokes.

A zombie apocalypse is bound to be the cause of a few gnarly scars.

And last but not least, nature has its own stories of scars and wounds. Some wanted to raise awareness of how to protect manatees from scratches and scars.

Others educated us on the brutal nature of, well… nature.

And while some scars are fractions of a second in the making…

… others take a little longer to form.