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Are these the best Christmas present reactions of the year?

Some gifts mean more than others.

Two men react to receiving a Christmas present each – (Photos courtesy of Randi Hilsercop and @Lucfergy/Twitter)
Two men react to receiving a Christmas present each – (Photos courtesy of Randi Hilsercop and @Lucfergy/Twitter)

Giving presents can be the best part of Christmas, especially when those gifts draw a genuinely heartwarming response from the recipient.

Plenty of those reactions were posted to the internet over Christmas this year, with loads going viral for all the right reasons.

Here is Jeremy Hilsercop, for example.

Jeremy has been playing cards since he was 12 and has a passion for poker, but has “never really had the chance to play in any big games or cash tournaments” according to his wife Randi Hilsercop.

But a trip to the World Series of Poker will change all that, just look at what it means to him.

“His dream would be to play at the main event, but even the little smaller events I was able to get him, it meant everything in the world to him,” Randi told the Press Association.

“He’s the most selfless, loving, hardworking family-devoted man ever and I love him. He’s my best friend since we were 15. He really deserves the best.”

It seems tickets are one way to make someone’s Christmas special, and that was the case for Twitter user Lucy, who ensured her dad would get to go to one of the games of the Premier League season.

Football is more than just a game, isn’t it?

“My parents are Salvation Army ministers and had served Christmas dinner to the lonely and vulnerable,” Lucy told the Press Association.

“They had just got home and were opening their presents when this film was taken. My dad has been going to see Arsenal since he was three years old and was shocked that I got him tickets to go see Liverpool with me on Saturday.”

But it’s not all about human reactions – many people often involve their pets in the gift-giving process, just as Julianna Brennan did with her dog Stella.

Now that is a dog who is spoiled for choice.

“We rescued Stella 10 years ago and her previous owner told us her favourite toy was a tennis ball,” Stella told the Press Association.

“Her first Christmas with us we gave her one, and she unwrapped it in seconds. Every year we give her a tennis ball, but we couldn’t resist taking it a step further this year.”

(Photos courtesy of Julianna Brennan)

Smiles all round.



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