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Arizona police called to a loose emu roaming the streets

Phoenix Police Department were called to a large bird loose in the area, which was returned to its owner.

(Phoenix Police Department)
(Phoenix Police Department)

Police in Arizona, US, have returned an emu back to its owner after the bird was found wandering the area.

Officers at Phoenix Police Department were called to the bird on Sunday, where it had got loose and started roaming around the street.

Posting a photo of the bird on Twitter, the department said: “An emusing story… Glad we were able to escort this bird home.”

The department continued: “At around 6am, Phoenix Police responded to the area of 65th Street and Cactus Road for a call of a large bird loose in the area.

“Officers were able to secure the pet bird and located the owner after we posted it to social media.

“Thanks to a nearby Scottsdale PD officer for holding on to it until we can escort it home.”



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