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Baby receives birthday present from grandmother bought exactly seven years early

Marjorie Zarbaugh’s daughter was bought a birthday present seven years before her actual birth.

(Marjorie Zarbaugh)
(Marjorie Zarbaugh)

A woman from Florida opened a present for her newborn only to see from the receipt that it was bought on her daughter’s birthday seven years previously.

Marjorie Zarbaugh’s mother MiMi bought a dress from Macy’s in 2011, hoping to give it to her grandchild one day.

Seven years later, the gift was given to baby Madelynn for her birthday, which perfectly matched up with the date on the receipt.

Marjorie posted the amazing coincidence to Facebook, showing that her mother had written “look how long I’ve had this?” on the receipt when she handed over the gift on Marjorie’s gender-reveal party.

(Marjorie Zarbaugh)

Marjorie said: “I thought it was so neat my mom had bought the dress for me so many years ago, I felt a little sad to remove the tags. I decided to snap a photo first and texted it to my mom saying, ‘took a picture because I’m about to remove the tags, but I don’t want to.’

“After I sent it to her, I clicked on the picture to look at it and that’s when I noticed it, the date was circled and it was her birthday. I immediately texted her again and said, ‘OMG, just realised you bought that on her birthday seven years before. I’m crying right now.’

“Had I cut the tags when I received the dress I would have never known because she hadn’t arrived yet!”

(Marjorie Zarbaugh)

Marjorie said: “I’m so thrilled people are enjoying it (the story). I hope it brings happiness and a smile to those who read it. In a world with so much sad news, it’s nice to read about sweet things.

“Might I mention that my mum bought the dress seven years before my daughter was born. I hadn’t even met my husband yet! I believe God has a plan for each of us and this was meant to be for us long before we ever knew it. He chose Madelynn for us and she is a blessing.

“Our daughter is Madelynn Rose Zarbaugh. She is four months old, born 9th September 2018.”



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