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Baseball game halted as swarm of bees sends players running for cover

One San Diego Padres player even donned a Deadpool mask for protection.

(Kelvin Kuo/AP)
(Kelvin Kuo/AP)

A Major League Baseball game had to be halted when a swarm of bees invaded the field.

The clash between the San Diego Padres and the Miami Marlins at Petco Park was stopped during the third inning when the insects settled on a microphone close to the home dugout.

As the bees swarmed, the players and officials slowly left the field and the game was halted for nearly half an hour.

One player who seemed perfectly prepared for just such an eventuality was San Diego catcher Austin Hedges, who combined beekeeper with superhero by donning a Deadpool mask for protection.

A beekeeper eventually arrived to deal with the problem and play resumed 28 minutes after the players left the field.

The Marlins ultimately ran out 9-3 winners.



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