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Baseball player distracted by spectators’ nachos delights fans

Cincinnati Reds outfielder Jesse Winker made the catch before turning his attention to the snack.


A plate of nachos (Fudio/Getty Images)

A plate of nachos (Fudio/Getty Images)

A plate of nachos (Fudio/Getty Images)

A Cincinnati Reds outfielder offered some comic relief at a Major League Baseball game by showing major interest in a fan’s snack.

Jesse Winker had just completed a textbook catch against the Atlanta Braves at the Great American Ball Park when he noticed a plate of nachos in the vicinity.

Cue some genuine interest from the fielder, before he eventually turned the food down.

“Able to get there is Jesse, and he’s gonna have a little nacho,” said the commentator.

Fans enjoyed the relatable nature of Winker’s brief distraction.

Meanwhile, others questioned the risk involved in getting so close to the catch with a plate full of food.

The Reds went on to win 4-2, and remain bottom of the NL Central division.