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Bobcat poked down after climbing electrical pole in Florida

The feline managed to climb back down unharmed after the electricity was switched off.

(Jon Austria/AP)
(Jon Austria/AP)

Remarkable pictures show the moment a bobcat had to be coaxed down from the top of an electrical pole.

The feline came down from its lofty position next to the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge in Collier County after a utility worker poked it with another large pole.

(Jon Austria/AP)
(Jon Austria/AP)

Florida Wildlife Commission officers were on hand at the bottom of the bobcat’s descent, but it darted off immediately into the wilderness.

Fortunately the bobcat was not at risk of electrocution as the pole’s wires were switched off.

Bobcats are solitary predators usually 21 inches (53cm) high and between 30-50 inches (76-127cm) long and native to North America, according to Florida conservation sanctuary Big Cat Rescue.



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