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Boy mows lawn on hoverboard to help out unwell mum

Nathan Gallacher, 11, came up with the ingenious plan after hurtling his leg.

Hoverboard lawn mowing, as practised by Nathan Gallacher, 11 (Liz Robertson)
Hoverboard lawn mowing, as practised by Nathan Gallacher, 11 (Liz Robertson)

A boy desperate to help out his unwell mum jumped on his hoverboard so he could still mow the lawn after hurting his leg.

Nathan Gallacher, 11, was keen to cut the grass to do something nice for mum Liz Robertson after she had an operation to have a cyst removed from her leg.

But after suffering a mishap of his own – he hurt his leg while playing on a trampoline with friends – he had to think of a cunning plan to make himself useful.

When you have a sore leg but still want to cut mums grass...omg couldnt beleive what i was seeing...🤣🤣🤣🤣...where did i get him..xx

Posted by Liz Robertson on Saturday, August 3, 2019

Ms Robertson, from Greenock, told PA: “He was saying his leg was sore but he still wanted to help me.

“I told him just to leave it but the next minute I was just cooking breakfast and I looked out and he was going up and down the garden on a hoverboard cutting the grass. I couldn’t believe it. I was like, ‘what is he doing?'”

Ms Robertson took a video, posted it on Facebook on Saturday and soon started to see the numbers rise as friends shared and commented on it.

(Liz Robertson)

Although she was surprised by the sight of her son mowing the lawn on a hoverboard, Ms Robertson said the behaviour was entirely in character.

“He’s such a good boy, he’ll do anything to help anybody,” she said. “He even went out in the winter when the leaves were all on the ground, he’s got a trailer that he puts on the back of his bike, and he cleaned all the street of all the leaves.

“He was scared in case… the pensioners fell when they went to the shops. He’s just such a good boy.”



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