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Can you spot what’s missing from this time lapse of an Amsterdam rush hour?

Hint: What do you usually see in rush hour?

The time lapse (Htv101/Reddit)
The time lapse (Htv101/Reddit)

For residents of most big cities, rush hour means stationary vehicles, tooting horns and polluted air, but in Amsterdam, things are a little different.

Reddit user Htv101 has made a time lapse to show just how contrasting things are in the Dutch capital, where instead of cars it’s the push bike that rules the road.

The video was simply made with the time-lapse option on an iPhone out of a window, but it shows Amsterdam’s remarkable volume of bicycles and the efficiency and freedom in which they traverse the city.

“I made the video because I have seen lots of cities in the world and I always like being back home in Amsterdam,” Htv101 told the Press Association.

“I often try to imagine how insanely busy the streets would be if I visualise every person on a bike in a car and then I’m happy that riding a bike is so normal here.

“I’m very aware that this is a unique thing because not every city is fit for this much bike traffic, since it is so flat and pretty densely inhabited with work and shops all within bike distance.”

The video, which received thousands of upvotes on Reddit, was taken on Tweede Hugo de Grootstraat in the Frederik Hendrikbuurt district of central Amsterdam.

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