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Car window smashes as giraffe sticks its head in safari park visitor’s vehicle

The animal was not injured during the incident.

A giraffe at West Midland Safari Park broke a visitor’s car window trying to free itself after its head became stuck in the vehicle.

The animal had put its head inside the car when the passenger-side window began to close. The giraffe flinched away, causing the glass to smash around its face.

The safari park assured visitors that the giraffe had been checked over and was unharmed by the incident.

MoMedia, who shot the footage, said: “This part of the safari allows visitors to feed various animals from the comfort of their own cars. As you can see, the people in the other car were feeding this giraffe, then all of a sudden, this happened.

“The couple did not intentionally do this, the young chap went into panic mode and didn’t think straight about what he was doing.

“The zoo keeper drove over and used food as bait to check on the giraffe. The lady was happy that the giraffe did not sustain injury and subsequently let it go.”

A spokesman for West Midland Safari said: “The giraffe was immediately checked by staff and sustained no injuries.”

The park has issued guidance to its visitors on how to feed animals safely. Its rules state: “Do not allow animals to put their head inside your vehicle. Keep your windows half-shut.”

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