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Catfish swims up street as flooding hits Florida

The state is being hit by storms and flooding from Hurricane Dorian hovers nearby.

A catfish swims up a Florida road (Sierra Autumn Moon)
A catfish swims up a Florida road (Sierra Autumn Moon)

By Alistair Mason, PA

A fish was spotted swimming down a Florida street as Hurricane Dorian hovered nearby.

The catfish was captured on camera by Sierra Autumn Moon, swimming along a gutter by the side of a road in Boynton Beach.

In a tweet, she wrote: “Hurricane Dorian hasn’t even hit yet and there’s already fish in the street.”

While the most devastating effects of the hurricane continued to be felt in the Bahamas on Monday and Tuesday morning, parts of Florida experienced stormy weather and heavy flooding.

The phenomenon of fish swimming the streets is not unheard of in Florida – it was once remarked on by then president Barack Obama.

In a news conference about climate change in 2015, he said: “You go down to Miami and when it’s flooding at high tide on a sunny day, fish are swimming through the middle of the streets.”



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