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Check out these amazing dresses made from left over Christmas wrapping paper

They are just beautiful.

These beautiful gowns are made from left-over Christmas wrapping paper, transforming the designer and model into a Disney-esque princess.

Olivia Mears, 26, expertly fashions the materials into fantastic dresses.

The first dress was made from “paper and decorations leftover from the Christmas mayhem” aided by a “separate petticoat underneath for support and comfort”.

Dresses created by and worn by Olivia Mears/AvantGeek (Olivia Mears, AvantGeek)

“I started making wrapping paper dresses in 2013 after having enough large scrap pieces of paper and ribbon that I thought a dress could be possible,” she told Press Association.

“I’ve been hooked since. I’ve made three in the four years after I started, and plan to make many more.”

She has gone on to make items out of other unconventional items or recyclable goods.

Dresses created by and worn by Olivia Mears/AvantGeek (Olivia Mears, AvantGeek)

Part of the process is posting her creations on to picture sharing site Imgur.

“The community seems to appreciate original creative content and provides a good bit of constructive criticism – as opposed to just plain bad criticism,” said Olivia who goes by the name AvantGeek online.

“I’ve been posting there since before I started making dresses, so it’s always fun to be recognised for past projects I posted years before.”

Among her recent success is the Drip Dress (2017), made from latex and paint.

Olivia Mears/AvantGeek's Drip Dress 2017 (Olivia Mears, AvantGeek)

“It turned out exactly how I envisioned, which rarely happens (as) I get carried away in the building process and often change the design midway. It was selected to be part of the alumni exhibition at my alma mater where I began making unconventional dresses, bringing my artistic journey full circle.”

Olivia works full time hosting artist workshops with a non-profit. In her spare time, she sets to work on her costume design, both professionally and as a hobby.

Dresses created by and worn by Olivia Mears/AvantGeek (Olivia Mears, AvantGeek)

Olivia can be followed on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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