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‘Cheery’ baby polar bear receives first examination at Berlin zoo

The baby girl has been given her vaccinations and received a full medical check-up.

The baby polar bear (Steffen Freiling Photography/Zoo Tierpark Berlin)
The baby polar bear (Steffen Freiling Photography/Zoo Tierpark Berlin)

An 11-week-old baby polar bear has received her first ever medical exam at a zoo in Berlin, where she was fully vaccinated and measured.

The baby’s mother, Tonja, has been at her side in the litter cave at Zoo Tierpark Berlin since her birth on December 1, but was lured away with food so that the veterinary exam could take place.

Zoo staff found that the animal was “cheery” and “strong” and are pleased with how she is developing.

Veterinarian and zoo director Dr Andreas Knieriem said: “The little polar bear is a cheery, strong girl. We were also able to convince ourselves personally of the development of the baby and are extremely satisfied.”

The bear was weighed, vaccinated and given worm medicine. Staff commented that the baby bear had “a few pretty sharp claws”.

The unnamed baby drinks her mother’s milk for around two hours a day, meaning she has grown rapidly in recent weeks; vets said the bear is now 61cm from head to tail, and weighs 8.5kg.

(Steffen Freiling Photography/Zoo Tierpark Berlin)

Polar bear curator Dr Florian Sicks said: “Only when the little polar bear can safely follow mother Tonja will the two leave the nursing hole.

“This is so far expected to be in March.”

The zoo said the baby will be given a name by her godparents in the near future.



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