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Chemist goes viral with copycat print for his pet

Quinton Jones has created a duplicate artwork of Wassily Kandinsky’s Yellow-Red-Blue near the floor for his cat Snowball.

(Twitter: Mate@alwaysabutt)
(Twitter: Mate@alwaysabutt)

By Megan Baynes, PA

An American chemist has gone viral after creating duplicate artwork near the floor for his cat.

Quinton Jones, who lives in Rochester, New York, created a cat-like version of Wassily Kandinsky’s Yellow-Red-Blue to be hung below his print of the original work for his pet Snowball.

He told the PA news agency the joke began after a tweet from his friend Anastasia, who had written that her cat Klaus had killed his first mouse.

The polymer chemist said: “I told her to get it taxidermied and hang it low like Klaus’s art as a joke.

“But the more I thought about it, the funnier the interior design idea seemed to me.

“So I had just moved into a new place and was in the process of decorating, and I’ve had that print of Kandinsky’s Yellow-Red-Blue for years.

(Quinton Jones)

“And decided since it was the first thing you see when you walk in, I wanted to tweak it into a more cat-like design to hang at his level.”

He said he spent several afternoons creating the masterpiece for Snowball, a rescue cat.

“Snowball was pretty indifferent, as cats can be, but with a few treats we got him to pose for us,” he added.



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