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Cop called to wounded dog surprised to find it was actually a coyote

The officer’s girlfriend cared for the pup for the night before it was taken to a specialist.

(Massachusetts State Police)
(Massachusetts State Police)

A state trooper who was called to what he thought was going to be an injured dog was instead confronted with a coyote.

Carlo Mastromattei responded after the Massachusetts State Police received reports of a wounded dog in Revere, just north of Boston.

But what he found there, according to a post on the force’s Facebook page, was “a small, frightened, solitary coyote pup”.

(Massachusetts State Police)

With no environmental, wildlife or animal control officials available to help, he contacted a local shelter, Ocean View Kennels, who brought a crate to the scene.

Trooper Mastromattei then took the pup to the home of his girlfriend AnnBeth – a “devoted animal lover”, according to the Facebook post – and she cared for it overnight.

The pup was then taken to nearby Tufts Wildlife Clinic the next day where it was determined to be healthy.

It will now spend some time with a specialist, preparing it for life in the wild, before being released.



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