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Could art made from eggs be the next Instagram sensation?

It just goes to show: Anything can be art.

Pictures of fried eggs made into art are taking Instagram by storm.

Account the_eggshibit is run by medical student Michele Baldini, from Mexico. In her spare time from her studies, she makes egg portraits to “calm my mind when school gets too tedious”.

Yolko Ono would approve 🍦

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“It all started when I saw a yin and yang symbol made out of a fried egg. I though it looked cool so I decided I would give it a shot,” says Michele.

“It came out quite well and after that I just kept getting ideas of things that I thought would look cool made out of eggs.”

Contegguous United States 🗺 (comment your state)

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Michele used to post the pictures to her personal Instagram account, but recently decided to see whether there was an appetite for an exclusively egg-based page.

Since then, she has built up over 6,000 followers with her creations which include countries, fast food and symbols.

It’s a fun topic, but can be time-consuming, says Michele. “It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour.


A post shared by The Eggs-hibit🍳 (@the_eggshibit) on

“I might see something throughout the day that catches my eye and I wonder if it would look good made in egg. I’ll play it out in my mind or sketch it out on paper in necessary, then I’ll get cracking. I also like doing special ones for festivities or whatever is trending at the moment.”

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