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Couple don’t sleep on the same side of the bed every night and the internet is confused

One Twitter user said the idea was ‘madness’.

(evgenyatamanenko/Getty Images)
(evgenyatamanenko/Getty Images)

A story about a couple who don’t stick to their own side of the bed every night has blown minds across the internet.

Jeff Stein, from Washington DC, wrote on Twitter: “Several months ago, a couple we are friends with said they don’t sleep on the same side of the bed every night. As in, every night when they get into bed, they don’t know who will sleep on which side. Still blows my mind.”

He added that it seemed like “pure anarchy” but he was intrigued by the idea.

However, the internet was quick to weigh in, with one Twitter user labelling the idea “madness”.

His tweet quickly gained more than 2,600 replies and 61,000 likes.

One person said: “This is chaos. My wife and I tried to switch sides and it was the worst night of sleep I’ve ever had. Including when we had a newborn.”

Another Twitter user added: “My husband insist we sleep on our sides no matter where we are. For example in a tent last week, we still slept on our sides of the bed.”

However, there were a few who said they swapped sides on occasion.

One Twitter user said: “We switch regularly, especially if one of us is having insomnia — it always helps.”

Another added they only swap sides in hotel rooms, adding: “I thought that was pretty progressive.”



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