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David Davis says post-Brexit Britain won’t be a ‘Mad Max dystopia’ and the jokes are flying

The Brexit Secretary referenced the popular action film during a speech in Vienna.

In an address to Austrian business leaders in Vienna, Brexit Secretary David Davis said Britain will not be “plunged into a Mad Max-style world borrowed from dystopian fiction” after it leaves the EU.

Referencing the popular action film Mad Max, Davis said fears about a “race to the bottom” in workers’ rights and environmental standards are “based on nothing”.

In the latest of a series of speeches the UK Government is calling “the road to Brexit”, he argued for close co-operation between the UK and the EU on regulations and standards.

Of course, social media users paid no attention to the finer details of the speech, instead rushing to make fun of the reference to Mad Max.

Many said that it would never happen, as Britain doesn’t have the weather for it.

Some pointed out that the apocalypse was already here…

While others questioned the finer details of the Mad Max dystopia.

And, of course, there’s the fact that a sillier apocalypse is really more Britain’s style.

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