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Dead animal falling from the sky interrupts Scottish League Cup match

‘Entertainment at its best.’

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a squirrel?

This was the question facing Queen’s Park and St Mirren fans in the Scottish League Cup on Tuesday night – minus the flying vehicle.

In the 90th minute the Saint Mirren keeper had to remove what at first appeared to be a dead squirrel from the pitch, after it was dropped by a passing seagull.

The remarkable tweet reporting the incident amused many online and the puns and gifs were flying off the shelves like hot cakes.

However, perhaps they spoke too soon.

There was a twist in the tail – it transpired it wasn’t a squirrel at all, but a pigeon.

Amazing scenes – who would have thought a goalless Tuesday night game could produce so much drama?

Well, according to some, it’s to be expected in Scottish football.

As if losing one of their noble pigeons wasn’t enough, Queen’s Park lost the match 5-4 on penalties.

A tough evening to be a Spiders fan.

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