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Dog chews up £160 – then costs owners a further £130 in vet bills

Ozzie suffered no ill effects from his expensive meal.

(Murphy and Co Veterinary Practice)
(Murphy and Co Veterinary Practice)

A labradoodle found himself in the doghouse after eating £160 in bank notes.

Ozzie had to be taken to the vet after his owners, Judith and Neil Wright, arrived at their home in Llandudno to find their pet had been munching on a wad of notes that had been posted through their door in an envelope.

“He has been known to eat other items before but never money,” Mrs Wright told the BBC.

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Posted by Murphy & Co Veterinary Practice on Monday, April 29, 2019

Ozzie, who has fully recovered from his expensive and unusual meal, is said to have chewed his way through £160 of £20 notes – and cost his owners a further £130 in vet bills.

Staff at Murphy & Co Veterinary Practice worked to empty the nine-year-old dog’s stomach and the couple now hope they may be able to claim some money back from the Bank of England.

According to the bank’s website: “As a general rule, we will only reimburse you with the face value of a damaged banknote if you still have at least half of the banknote.”



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