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Donald Trump calls for new ‘Space Force’ military branch, Twitter makes memes

Star Wars, Star Trek and Futurama – it’s all here.

(Niall Carson/PA and Lauren Hurley/PA)
(Niall Carson/PA and Lauren Hurley/PA)

US president Donald Trump has announced the nation will have a new “Space Force” branch to their military.

Mr Trump said it would be a “separate but equal” to the US Air Force, Navy and Army and talked of the need for “dominance” in space.

Whether the announcement comes to fruition or not, on the Internet it has been met with a series of unsurprising but creative reactions – memes.

Of course.

Star Trek is but one of the many sci-fi references Twitter users are making however – naturally Star Wars has been mentioned too.

Classic sci-fi spoof Spaceballs also got a nod.

From Matt Groening’s discontinued series Futurama, some thought Zapp Brannigan might be looking for a job.

Finally, some covered all bases.

Oh, and some made photos of kittens in space, obviously.

Twitter, doing what it does best.

Sterling work.

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