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Donald Trump tried to revive the solar eclipse memes with this bizarre retweet

He might be a little late to the party…

Donald Trump’s Twitter account is a thing of fascination and his latest retweet is yet another example as to why.

Solar eclipse memes have been doing the rounds ever since the once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon hit the United States earlier this week – but they’re probably not something you’d expect the president to be tweeting out.

Think again.

A screenshot of the president's retweet

Clearly pleased with the little dig at former president Barack Obama, the Donald decided he’d give the tweet by Jarry Travone his seal of approval.

Travone’s tweet was posted as a comment on one of Trump’s own tweets.

Some thought the retweet was a sign of Trump being upset by an earlier eclipse meme involving Obama and Trump, with the roles reversed.

While others seemed to imply it illustrated the relationship Trump has with his predecessor.

And finally, there were a couple of people who seemed to be wondering if Trump understands how eclipses work.

Well, at least he knew well enough not to look at the eclipse without eye protection for fear of damaging his corneas…

Donald Trump looks up at the eclipse

Oh yeah. Perhaps not.

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