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Dylan Pickle: Is the nine-year-old fan of President Trump even real?

A letter from the boy was read out at a press briefing before being shared online, where its authenticity has been questioned.

The authenticity of a letter apparently sent to President Donald Trump by a nine-year-old fan has been questioned online.

The White House shared the letter from “Dylan” at the start of a briefing session with journalists. While reading the letter, deputy press secretary Sarah Sanders also attempted to answer some of the boy’s easier questions about how old the president is and the size of the White House.

She then shared an image of the letter on Twitter.

But people immediately questioned the authenticity of the letter, with some going as far as calling it “propaganda” from the Trump administration and claiming it was written in-house.

Among the chatter about the letter’s authenticity, people turned detective to question the lack of fold marks on the paper, the appearance of the hole-punch marks, and the actual handwriting.

Some teachers even waded into the debate.

But for all those questioning tweets there were also voices praising the letter, and accepting Dylan, who gets known as Pickle, is a real boy. They hope to see Pickle at the White House with his new friend.

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