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Everyone is finishing Sajid Javid’s ‘pocket tweeted’ post on Twitter for him

The Home Secretary had his very own Ed Balls moment on the social media website.

Sajid Javid said it was a pocket tweet (Victoria Jones/PA)
Sajid Javid said it was a pocket tweet (Victoria Jones/PA)

Home Secretary Sajid Javid prompted thousands of responses on Twitter when he appeared to post a pocket tweet to his followers.

The tweet simply read: “I” and 14 minutes later Javid followed up by claiming the post was a pocket tweet – a tweet sent in error.

It was a smooth save, but that didn’t stop others on Twitter finishing Javid’s tweet for him.

Song lyrics were popular…

… as were film quotes.

Advert slogans were even thrown into the mix at one point.

And general merriment was had by most thanks to the tweet.

But despite the replies, Javid still has a way to go before his tweeting prompts a day to be named after him, something former Cabinet minister Ed Balls experienced when posting a tweet in error back in 2011.

Ed Balls.

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