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Everyone’s roasting a ‘strangely proportioned’ toy dinosaur and it’s hilarious

He was won at a bowling alley, and has provided much mirth for the people of Twitter.

Two toy dinosaurs – (eskaylim/Getty Images)
Two toy dinosaurs – (eskaylim/Getty Images)

The internet can be a cruel place sometimes, but when it came to one unique-looking toy dinosaur the roasting was all in good spirits.

The toy in question was won by writer and illustrator Jonny Sun at a bowling alley, and to celebrate he asked his many Twitter followers to direct insults at his dinosaur.

The internet did not need asking twice.

1. The thinker

2. Wordplay

3. He protecc, he attac

4. Fashion faux pas

5. Pool problems

6. Gymnosaurus

7. Lemon

8. Dinner time

9. Poulet vous?


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