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Fake job ad seeks lawyer for ‘difficult client’ at White House address

A prankster posted the job on Craigslist in Washington, DC.

A prankster has posted a fake job listing – advertising the position of lawyer for US President Donald Trump.

The job has been included on Craigslist’s jobs board for Washington, DC.

While it doesn’t mention the president by name it spells out that the job would be based at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the street address of the White House.

Fake job posting on Craigslist (Craigslist)

The full advert was posted on March 27 with the heading: “Seeking lead attorney for difficult client.”

Skills needed include working knowledge of Twitter and “must look the part” – like a Tommy Lee Jones or a Gregory Peck – with “no fatties”.

“Must be familiar with laws and procedures around discovery, executive privilege, international financing of licensed real estate, election law and the Logan Act,” the ad reads.

“Must be prepared to work with a client who is very forceful and opinionated about his defence and is his own best counsel.

“Basically your job boils down to keeping him from testifying under oath and hoping the rest comes out in the wash.”

No salary is suggested but under “compensation” it reads: “Client is hugely wealthy man. Hugely successful. Everyone says it.”

The spoof ad was well received on Twitter.

The ad has been posted in reference to Trump’s struggle to find a lawyer to represent him in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

His previous lawyer John Dowd resigned abruptly last week.

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