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Feast your eyes on Nugzilla, Europe’s biggest chicken nugget

Surely this is too big even for a super fan like Usain Bolt?

If you can eat Europe’s largest chicken nugget in under 10 minutes, you can have it for free – but that’s quite literally, a huge “if”.

Weighing in at one kilogram, this is a sizeable opponent. The equivalent of 85 chicken nuggets apparently, it carries 6,000 calories.

You certainly wouldn’t want a six-piece, would you?

At £29.95 it’s expensive too, if you take longer than 10 minutes to eat it, that is – the record is 9 minutes 20 seconds, which seems quite ridiculous.

On the menu at Rub Smokehouse in Birmingham, the duty manager, Jojo Fernandes, hoped one celebrity in particular might be tempted to come and try the challenge.

“We saw online that Usain Bolt’s favourite food is chicken nuggets,” she said. “We’d love to see if he could come down to our restaurant and give it a go.”

Rub Smokehouse's duty manager holds Europe's largest chicken nugget

He’s used to record attempts closer to 10 seconds than 10 minutes – could the eight-time Olympic gold medallist do it?

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