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Firefighters in Louisiana swim through flash floods to rescue trapped driver

Firefighters in Baton Rouge were forced to shatter a driver’s window to rescue her from flooding.


Two firefighters in Louisiana swam through flash floods to rescue a driver after her car was swept away.

Severe weather in Baton Rouge caused flooding that swept the car away, forcing rescuers to swim alongside as they attempted to save the woman.

Engine driver Jerome Courville spotted the woman’s saloon car being washed away near Interstate 10 on Thursday morning.

Firefighters Aaron Sampson and Thang Nguyen rushed into the water to save her, with Sampson using the blunt end of a multi-tool to shatter the driver’s side window.

The men pulled the woman to safety and the three swam to higher ground where Captain Troy Pate helped them out of the water.

Most roads closed by the morning’s flash flood were reopened by that evening. Mayor Sharon Weston Broome said there was one confirmed weather-related fatality.



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