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First ever Amur leopard cubs born at San Diego Zoo make their debut

The adorable cubs were born on April 5.

The cubs play at the zoo (San Diego Zoo)
The cubs play at the zoo (San Diego Zoo)

Two Amur leopard cubs have been born at San Diego Zoo, a first for the rare species.

Four-year-old mother Satka gave birth on April 5, and the two cubs have been exploring their den and greeting the public.

The zoo has released a video showcasing the baby leopards playing together and exploring.

Todd Speis, senior mammal keeper at the zoo, said: “Our strategy for managing these cubs is to remain very hands off and let their mother continue to do the great job she’s been doing.

“As the cubs get older, we will begin to build a relationship with them. But the highest priority right now is the relationship they have with each other and with their mother.”

(San Diego Zoo)

San Diego Zoo said: “Over the past few weeks, Satka has been introducing the young ones to their habitat, slowly allowing them to explore, climb and play, before corralling them into the den for feedings or to rest.”

The two babies have been bred as part of an international conservation and breeding effort.

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