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Flatmates start ‘beautiful friendship’ with dog after writing plea to borrow her

Jack McCrossan and his housemates borrowed Stevie Ticks the dog after writing a plea to the neighbour to borrow her.

(Jack McCrossan)
(Jack McCrossan)

By Emily Chudy, PA

A group of flatmates from Bristol started a “beautiful friendship” with dog Stevie Ticks after writing a plea to her owners to borrow her.

Jack McCrossan, who has lived with his three flatmates for four months, wrote to his neighbours explaining that the landlord did not allow pets and that it would brighten their days to play with the pup for an afternoon.

Stevie’s owners came through, with a letter from the point of view of the two-year-old dog asking to “hang out” any time.

Giving “The Boys” an envelope with a paw print on it, the neighbour wrote: “You’re right that I am the bestest-girl – how did you know??”

The flatmates then posted an update of themselves with the dog, saying that they had met her and are planning many walks.

Mr McCrossan said: “The boys from 23 just met Stevie, looks like the start of a beautiful friendship.”

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Mr McCrossan told the PA news agency: “We all had grown up with a mixture of dogs, cats, hamsters and guinea pigs and thought it would be good to have the company of a dog about since it always livens things up a bit.

“We also thought it would be a good way to meet our neighbours who we hadn’t met properly before.

“We’ve met Stevie once so far and had some time playing with her and getting to take her on a walk to a nearby park which was great.”

Mr McCrossan said: “The response has been incredible, it’s very surreal to see so many positive responses from all around the world and the amount of people that were checking back to see that we got to meet her was crazy.

“We have met the owners and have got a group chat set up now with them to arrange walks.

“Stevie’s Instagram has been flooded with a lot of followers now, which is probably the place to go for updates.”



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