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Four endangered Amur tiger cubs have just been born at a UK zoo

Proud mum Naya gave birth to the little ones on Saturday.

Tiger cubs at Whipsnade Zoo (ZSL/Whipsnade Zoo)
Tiger cubs at Whipsnade Zoo (ZSL/Whipsnade Zoo)

Four tiny newborn tiger cubs have been captured on camera at Whipsnade Zoo.

The Amur tiger cubs were born on Saturday to seven-year-old Naya after a 108-day pregnancy, and just 121 days after she was paired with the cubs’ father Botzman.

Amur tigers, which are native to eastern Russia, China and the Korean peninsula, are endangered, with only an estimated 500 or so living in the wild. Back in the 1940s there were only 40 remaining before a conservation effort boosted numbers.

No wonder, then, that staff at Whipsnade are keeping a very close eye on the new arrivals, with cameras rigged up inside the birthing den to allow keepers to see how they’re progressing.

Team leader Donovan Glyn said: “Naya is very attentive, cleaning the cubs regularly and letting them suckle whenever they want to.

(ZSL/Whipsnade Zoo)

“She has also stayed very calm and relaxed throughout, even when dad Botzman went in to see what was going on. He seemed to take one look at the first cub and decide to give them some space!”

Visitors can expect to see the as yet unsexed cubs go on display to the public as the summer progresses.

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