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Fun-loving seal jumps onto a kayak for a paddle in Cornwall

This cheeky seal joined Rupert Kirkwood for a little swim on his boat.

A fun-loving seal jumped onto blogger Rupert Kirkwood’s kayak as he was journeying off the coast of Cornwall.

The seal was caught on camera splashing about by the boat near Looe, before jumping aboard to say hello.

Kirkwood said: “This seal is just larking about. I’m fairly certain of this because I had been watching it closely for the previous half an hour. Or more accurately, it had been watching me.”

As well as the brave grey seal that joined Kirkwood on his kayak, another seal was spotted playing in the seaweed nearby.

He said: “It had the cheeky look of a puppy wanting someone to throw its ball. It kept eyeing me up sideways and then hurling itself into the water.”

Kirkwood said the only downside of his slippery playmates was their splashing, which almost got water all over his camera.


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