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Giraffe takes first wobbly steps at US zoo

The young female, born at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, will not be named for another month or so.

(Cheyenne Mountain Zoo)
(Cheyenne Mountain Zoo)

A baby giraffe has taken its first steps at a zoo in Colorado.

The young female, who is six feet tall, was born to 10-year-old reticulated giraffe Msitu at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo on Saturday.

She was Msitu’s third calf and became the 16th member of the zoo’s giraffe herd.

Zoo staff were able to discern the giraffe’s sex the after she was born but will wait around a month before naming her.

It's a girl! The reticulated giraffe calf born yesterday is confirmed a female. Mom, Msitu, and baby girl are both doing...

Posted by Cheyenne Mountain Zoo on Sunday, July 7, 2019

Giraffes give birth standing up so calf’s life begins with a six-foot drop to the ground, but they are typically up on their feet and walking around within an hour.

A giraffe pregnancy lasts around 15 months.



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