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Grandma’s protective pig mask wins fans on social media

Marlene Conrad wore the mask to talk to her best friend Maureen Madden over the fence.


Marlene in a pig mask (Maureen Madden/PA)

Marlene in a pig mask (Maureen Madden/PA)

Marlene in a pig mask (Maureen Madden/PA)

An 80-year-old woman put on a pig mask so she was able to talk to her best friend.

Marlene Conrad, from Alrewas in Staffordshire, lives in a house with a garden that adjoins that of her friend Maureen Madden.

Ms Conrad wanted to stay protected so the two could see each other during isolation as well as provide some entertainment, so picked up an old fancy dress pig mask to go over and drop off some food over the fence.

Ms Madden managed to grab a picture and sent it to Mrs Conrad’s granddaughter with the caption: “Your Nan’s had a facelift.”

Granddaughter Liz, whose tweet containing the image has been liked more than 40,000 times, told the PA news agency: “It’s whatever they can do to make each other smile. Although I’d probably be screaming if that appeared at my back gate!

“(She’s been) sharing her food with her friend, seeing as she hasn’t had six grandchildren in her house to help with the eating.”

The two have lived over the fence from each other for the past 14 years in what her granddaughter calls “best friend goals”.