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Hailstones larger than baseballs have been falling in Texas

‘It actually sounded like God was throwing rocks at us.’

Huge hailstones have been falling overnight in Texas amid severe storms across the US state.

Social media users have shared images and footage of the remarkable hailstones, some of which were larger than baseballs.

Hail is formed in intense thunderstorm clouds and is a form of solid precipitation.

Particularly strong updrafts, high water droplet contents and temperatures well below freezing maximise the size of hailstones created in such storms.

“I’ve been here my whole life in North Texas, Dallas area, and I’ve never seen anything like this before,” Coppell resident Charles Peteet told CBS.

“It actually sounded like God was throwing rocks at us,” another, Brandi Rafael, told the news outlet.

Unfortunately the giant hail has caused serious damage, smashing windows and car windscreens.

Earlier this week a plane destined for Phoenix had to divert to El Paso after its nose took considerable damage from a hailstorm.

The damage caused the flight to plummet downwards “like a roller-coaster” according to passenger Jesus Esparza, who spoke with KENS-TV – adding it was “one of the most terrifying experiences” of his life.

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